Russell Wallace


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About Russell Wallace

Accustomed to hard work, committed to his customers, and always friendly and approachable, CIR Realtor Russell Wallace�™s experience as a fast food franchisee for over two decades has prepared him well to serve his real estate clients.

“I do things for my clients the way I expect them to be done for me and for my family,” Russell says. “I have a straight forward philosophy: focus on the clients you have, on meeting and exceeding their needs, and the rest – the referrals – will happen.”

For Russell, customer service is more than an easy catch phrase. “I want this to be a great experience for my clients, to live up to their expectations – so I�™ll ask straight out what those expectations are,” he says. “How often would they like an update from me? Would they prefer a phone call or email? Simple things that make a difference.”

Several years in business have taught Russell the importance of taking a professional approach, a great balance sheet, and keeping your eye on the fine print, lessons he�™s taken with him into real estate. “It�™s all about paying attention to the details, staying on top of things, and making sound decisions,” he says.

A family man, Russell has lived in Chestermere for several years and he�™s happy to call the community home to his real estate business as well. “I love it out here, close to Calgary, it�™s a great community.”

And he�™s happy to call CIR home as well, working with helpful people like him who are, he says, business-minded folks who clearly enjoy what they do. “I knew this was the brokerage for me,” he says.

If you are looking for a professional, honest, dedicated agent to help you make informed, intelligent decisions, give him a call.